Motivational profiles of university volunteers in sport events: a segmentation approach


  • Salvador Angosto University of Murcia
  • José Miguel Vegara-Ferri University of Murcia
  • Gonzalo Bravo West Virginia University


Palabras clave:

Motivational profile, sport, university volunteering, educational program, segmentation research


University volunteering is a recurring resource for many sports organizations that contribute altruistically to the success of small-scale sports events and enhance sustainable development in society. This study aimed to evaluate the motivation of sport volunteers in small sport events, identifying the different profiles of volunteers according to their degree of motivation. Participants in this study included 216 university students. The instrument used was an adaptation of the SEVMS scale formed by 22 items divided into four factors (Solidary, Purposive, Commitments/External Traditions, and Spare Time). An exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and a cluster analysis were carried out to identify possible groups of participants according to the motivational factors. Three factors were identified: Solidarity, Purpose, and Commitment/External Traditions. The cluster analysis identified three motivational profiles: “Altruist” with high scores on all three factors; “Career and social seekers” with high scores on solidarity and purpose and very low scores on the factor commitment/external traditions; and the group “Community Supporters” with moderate scores on all items. This study allows us to have a better understanding of the motivational profile of the university student’s volunteers according to their characteristics. These findings will help to develop strategies for the promotion and recruitment of volunteersacross different university sports programs. 

Biografía del autor/a

Gonzalo Bravo, West Virginia University

Associate Professor in Sport ManagementCollege of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


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