Identifying talent in football players


  • David Macías García SEP Villaharta, Córdoba
  • Ignacio González López Universidad de Córdoba



Identifying the elements that define a talented football player has been and is still the subject of numerous
scientific papers. However, in terms of the role played by the coach in identifying and developing player talent, very
few studies have been found. Based on these premises, the paper presented here aims to establish, from an
empirical perspective, the elements that condition and define a talented footballer player based on the opinion
of the coach. Using a non-experimental, descriptive, empirical research design, an evaluation questionnaire
was prepared and sent to a total of 890 coaches and trainers affiliated to the Football Federation of Andalusia.
The results obtained classify the traits of talented football players into the following factors: physical-environmental
conditioning factors, interpersonal relations, personality factors, teamwork competencies, decision-making, tacticaltechnical abilities, and expectations of success.



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Macías García, D., & González López, I. (2023). Identifying talent in football players. Cultura, Ciencia Y Deporte, 18(56).



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