Kinomichi, the therapeutic Aikido. A Systematic Review


  • Sebastián Gómez-Lozano Performing Arts Research Group, Faculty of Sport, San Antonio Catholic University, Murcia, Spain
  • María Eugenia García-Sottile Education for healthy physical activity research group, Catholic University of Valencia, San Vicente Martir, Valencia, Spain
  • Ningyi Zhang UCAM
  • Stefano Moriggi Department of Medicine and Surgery (CHIMOMO). University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Kiko León Optimization of Training and Sports Performance Research Group, Faculty of Sport Science, University of Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain
  • Alfonso Vargas-Macías Telethusa Centre for Flamenco Research, Cádiz, Spain



Kinomichi is a movement art of Japanese origin based on the martial art of Aikido. It is based on the Japanese
tradition known as Budo, which can be translated as a form of self-knowledge and personal development through
martial practice. It was created by Aikido master Masamichi Noro (1935-2013) after a serious traffic accident in 1966.
Noro adapted Aikido, minimised the physical demands and incorporated therapeutic exercises so that people with
motor limitations could also practice it. Our aim is to analyse the therapeutic potential of Kinomichi by determining the
Western therapies on which it is based. A systematic search of six databases was conducted using PRISMA (Preferred
Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta- Analysis) guidelines. The search yielded 118 results, of which seven
met the inclusion criteria (n = 7) and were found in the EBSCOHOST and Google Scholar databases. The Western
therapeutic methods incorporated in the Kinomichi were the following (n = 9): Alexander Technique; Gindler Method;
Ehrenfried Method; Kabat Method; Feldenkrais Method; Eutonia Method; Mézières Method; GDS-Godolieve Denys-
Struyf Method and Antigymnastics Method. It justifies the need for quantitative experimental or quasi-experimental
studies to verify the hypothetical benefits of Kinomichi as a therapeutic exercise.



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Gómez-Lozano, S., García-Sottile, M. E., Zhang, N., Moriggi, S., León, K., & Vargas-Macías, A. (2024). Kinomichi, the therapeutic Aikido. A Systematic Review. Cultura, Ciencia Y Deporte, 19(59).



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