Does the final ranking influence the physical performance of professional soccer teams?


  • David Lobo Triviño Universidad de Extremadura
  • José Carlos Ponce-Bordón Universidad de Extremadura
  • Rubén Llanos-Muñoz Universidad de Extremadura
  • Roberto López Del Campo Departamento de Investigación de LaLiga
  • Miguel Ángel López-Gajardo Universidad de Extremadura



The present study analyzed the physical performance of SmartBank League teams according to their position in the table. Thirty-four professional soccer teams that competed in the SmartBank League (Spanish Second Division) during the 2015-2016, 2016-1017 and 2017-2018 seasons were analyzed. The data required for the work was collected by MediaCoach® and OPTA. The results obtained show that the lowest ranked teams (group 4) cover greater total distance (DT) than the teams at the top of the standings (group 1). However, the top-ranked teams covered a greater number of meters at high-speed (D > 24 km/h) and Sprints over 24 km/h (S > 24 km/h). As for the DT as a function of the match outcome, we find that the teams that lose the match are the ones that travel a lower DT. After analyzing the results obtained in the present study, it was found that the distance covered at more than 24 km/h and the number of sprints performed at speeds above 24 km/h can be considered as factors that bring you closer to achieving good results.



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Lobo Triviño, D., Ponce-Bordón, J. C., Llanos-Muñoz, R., López Del Campo, R., & López-Gajardo, M. Ángel. (2023). Does the final ranking influence the physical performance of professional soccer teams?. Cultura, Ciencia Y Deporte, 18(57).



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