Anthropometric parameters, glycemia level and chronotype of adults from Popayan-Colombia


  • Nancy Janneth Molano-Tobar Universidad del Cauca
  • DOLLY XIMENA MOLANO-TOBAR Universidad Santiago de Cali
  • luz Marina Chalapud-Narvaez Corporación Universitaria Autonoma del Cauca



The university adult population shows health difficulties related to their glucose level and variations in the sleepwake
relationship, which an early diagnosis will allow preventive actions, for which we seek to identify the association of anthropometric parameters, blood glucose level and chronotype of adults from the city of Popayán-Colombia; Through a correlational descriptive study with 182 university adults between 36 and 68 years old, evaluating anthropometric parameters, determining the chronotype with the Horne-Ostberg questionnaire and measuring capillary glycemia. In the same way, normality analysis and verification of the correlation were performed using the Pearson statistic coefficient (p <0.05). As results, normality of the anthropometric parameters was found, with indication of pre-diabetics, and an intermediate chronotype, the correlation analysis showed moderate associations of the glycemia levels with the anthropometric parameters, but low association with the chronotype. It was possible to conclude that the women presented alterations in blood glucose levels as with the Body Adiposity Index, with intermediate chronotype registration.

Biografía del autor/a

Nancy Janneth Molano-Tobar, Universidad del Cauca

Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Exactas y de la Educación

Departamento de Educación física, Recreación y Deporte

Docente Titular

DOLLY XIMENA MOLANO-TOBAR, Universidad Santiago de Cali

Vicerrectoria Academica 

luz Marina Chalapud-Narvaez, Corporación Universitaria Autonoma del Cauca

Facultad de Educación 



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Molano-Tobar, N. J., MOLANO-TOBAR, D. X., & Chalapud-Narvaez, luz M. (2022). Anthropometric parameters, glycemia level and chronotype of adults from Popayan-Colombia. Cultura, Ciencia Y Deporte, 17(54).



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